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Tuesday, 28 August 2012


We got a phone call bright and early yesterday morning to update us on how our 8 little embryos were doing. Astonishingly, all 8 were still developing which is really good. For anyone who is interested, here is the breakdown:

3 x good 8 cell embryos
2 x good 7 cell embryos
2 x average 8 cell embryos 
1 x average 6 cell embryo

Embryos on day 3 should have developed between 6 and 8 cells, so all have done what they should have. They are then rated "good" "average" or "poor" depending on the quality of cell division (ones that are fragmented or show other signs that I don't understand get lower ratings)

Consequently, transfer will be tomorrow - day 5. We will not know till tomorrow how many embryos we have still developing and what quality and stage they are at (hopefully blastocyst). Approximately 50% embryos will reach blast stage and of course we may get less than that. Please cross your fingers tightly for us that tomorrow goes well; we are all definitely feeling the nerves as well as the excitement. 

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  1. FINALLY managed to get in here and this has me all excited with you all!! I am also feeling very positive about all this and I trust my instincts a lot. I have absolutely everything crossed and am trying to think pregnant thoughts (for YOU all... NOT me!!!! lol!!!).

    Was lovely to meet Adam & Emily and you both really are lovely people :) ... LOUISA xxxx