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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Feels like progress :)

Just a short update from me.
Emily and I met for girlie lunch and then had our latest appointment with Anna this afternoon. After the formalities of confirming all of our various test results were perfect (naturally ;) ) we got down to discussing time scales for treatment.
We have all got to attend the compulsory counselling session to make sure we all know what we are doing and that I'm not being dragged into this kicking and screaming...standard stuff, then there is the SUK agreement session to do. Then all being well I could begin my down regulation treatment THIS MONTH.....WOW!
I think I can speak for both (if not all) of us when I say the words 'stupidly excited'. It has seemed like an age away for so long and now it's actually tangible, and very very real. We even did a little 'happy feet' dance on our way out of clinic.

It's all looking good for our joint aim of a fresh transfer early September.
Dreams could well come true in the space of a few short, and probably hectic months.
Watch this space...

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