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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Slow and steady wins the race.

This whole process can feel painfully slow at times but bit by bit we are moving forwards! Niki and I have had our various tests done and now have an appointment booked with the consultant to discuss the next steps. I think we might get an idea of our treatment timeline which is really exciting!

Niki and I both had to have scans, I've had my blood work done, and Niki had to have an HSG, which I was quite worried about her having to have. From what I had read it's slightly more invasive/less pleasant than a normal scan and if I could possibly have had it for her I would have! The feeling of watching someone go through various medical procedures for you is quite hard, even though I know she's doing so willingly. As ever I'm just in awe really that this awesome lady (not forgetting her rather fab husband who holds the fort at home whilst Niki is in London being prodded and poked) is doing all this for us. It's incredible beyond words.

As well as the appointment with the consultant, we have to have our SUK agreement session (we're currently still in a mandatory 3 month "getting to know you" period) which we're hoping to do at the end of July. This will make us officially a team however I think I can safely say that all parties concerned already feel that we are. Making it official will mean we can start treatment though so it is a  very exciting landmark!

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