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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Getting his/her wiggle on

It seems like an age ago that we were all sat in the room, getting funny looks from the receptionists who had just seen my notes and waiting for the sonographer to call us all in for the 12 week scan, and what a magical scan it turned out to be!
After a few delays Little Hitchhiker appeared on the screen and it wasn't long before s/he gave Mummy and Daddy a little wave. I really do struggle to find words to describe the emotion in the room at that point, but complete and utter jubilation probably comes close.
We were so lucky to get a fantastic sonographer! Having had many ultrasounds previously I know that the time she spent just showing Em and Adam the various views of the baby and the effort she went to to get me jiggling so they could see the baby move was above and beyond that of a normal scan appointment.
We all came away from the hospital 100x more excited about everything than we were previously and it's been so nice watching Em and Adam let themselves believe this is actually happening and that they are actually going  to be parents in a matter of months.

As if that wasn't a huge enough deal, on November 8th, a day short of 13 weeks I rudely interrupted Em and Adam's evening by sending a late night Whatsapp message that was far to important not to share.
I felt their baby move!!!!
I was told I'd feel movements earlier this time but wasn't expecting it to be at 13 weeks, I even had to do a quick Google to make sure it was even possible. With this being my third pregnancy there was simply no mistaking those first flutters though, the tiny pops under the skin that tell me LHH is getting his/her wiggle on.
As expected they were hugely excited and LHH continued his/her party while I drifted off to sleep.
I've felt movements most days since and jut can't wait for the time when Em and Adam will be able to feel them from the outside.

For me it can only get more and more exciting from here. Tangible changes are now happening and LHH's developments will be very visible from here on in.
Next Milestone: 20 week scan!

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