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Friday, 15 February 2013

13 weeks

That's how long we have left till LMHH's (now little miss hitch hiker) due date. We are 27 weeks along today, which also means we're now entering the 3rd trimester. Time has started to move quite swiftly again since school started back and I'm getting so excited now! Whilst it does now feel real - especially seeing Niki's beautiful bump and feeling baby wriggle and kick, I still can't quite believe I'm not going to wake up any second.

All is fine with Cheese Teamcake; there wasn't really much to update as we hadn't had the chance to go and see our teamies for a while due to us Surrey teamies moving house. We are finally in our new place however (SO excited as of course this will be LMHH's first home) and feeling very settled already. Life seems to be changing so rapidly; I cannot contain my excitement and am often to be found grinning like a loon to myself. I am trying to be brave and starting to buy stuff in preparation for LMHH's arrival; never has a supermarket seen someone grin so broadly whilst carrying a pack of nappies to the checkout. I do feel a bit like a fraud purchasing these kind of things, even though I know I am "allowed" - it just feels so surreal. I do wonder if all expectant mummies feel like this or whether it is heightened by not having a bump.

After starting to suffer from withdrawal symptoms I decided to shoot up and see Niki and co last weekend. Niki had said to me I might be surprised when I saw her and I was stunned; LMHH has really grown! Niki was sporting a beautiful neatly rounded bump and looking amazing on it. It so lovely to see the whole family and catch up with them all. The kids are so brilliant with Niki & bump; they're very thoughtful and understanding of things that Niki might not be able to do or they might need to help with and I made sure I praised and thanked them for looking after our baby so nicely. I've said it before but it really is a family effort and we're so grateful to all of them.

Niki is looking fantastic but unfortunately in a bit of pain with something called SPD. She has a physio referral and is doing everything she should and can to alleviate it but she is in some discomfort. She's amazing and never complains (is just honest with me which is brilliant as I want to know everything - am greedy for knowledge and information on what the pregnancy is like) but it is hard watching someone who is doing this amazing selfless and giving thing suffer because of it.

I spent late afternoon catching up with the whole family and getting loads of cuddles from Jack and Beth and then Steve put the kids to bed whilst Niki & I were left in charge of ordering pizza. I think it's a very good sign when half an hour later, Steve comes down and we're talking so much that we have forgotten to pick up the phone (Steve may disagree that this is a positive thing). We always seem to have so much to talk about and despite chatting daily via whatsapp, one evening together is never enough!

After Niki Steve & I had eaten enough pizza to feed the whole of Coventry, LMHH decided to wake up and I spent the majority of the evening sporadically putting my hands on Niki's bump whenever she felt some fidgeting going on. She is so patient - I probably spent more time with my hand on her in that hour or so than in my own lap, but she's just as excited and keen as me for me to feel LMHH wiggling and kicking. I cannot describe what that feeling is like; I guess it must be more like a partner's experience, feeling it from the outside and knowing that's your baby in there, moving like that. It's strange how attached I feel to something (someone) I haven't met yet...I just can't wait.

Obligatory back to back shot (taken by Jack)

Having some morning cuddle time with Jack & Beth

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