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Monday, 28 May 2012

The beginning...

Em here, plucking up the courage to make the first post! This is (at present) a private place for Niki and I (and the boys should they be able to get a word in edgeways want to) to share our thoughts and feelings about the journey that lies ahead. At some point we may open it up to more readers, but we'll see...

Back in April (Friday 13th - lucky for some clearly) Adam and I wandered up a little riverside path in Warwick to meet Niki for a cup of coffee for the first time. I was very nervous about saying/doing all the right things, but I needn't have worried, as the conversation and laughter flowed freely whilst we scoffed tea and cake in the sunshine. This appears to have set a precedent as all our meet ups appear to feature food, drink, chatter and laughter in various quantities, as well as an awful lot of childish behaviour. We're having a wonderful time in this "getting to know you" period and loving every teamie get together. 

We had an exciting step forwards on Thursday as Niki and I went to Harley Street for our first appointment with Dr C. This was really just a preliminary one, to get various details and discuss the necessary tests that needed to be done before we start talking about treatment. We both went away clutching test request forms, a little dazed from the large quantity of information. 

Even though I've already "been there", it felt pretty much as new/exciting/confusing as it did in 2010! I need to look at getting my IVF done over the summer (so it doesn't impact on work) and whilst I'm a little nervous, I just want to get it done so we can get some embryos in the freezer and know what we're working with. I was so excited to introduce Niki to Dr C, as it made it all feel a lot more real. Timing wise, I suspect things will suddenly move quite quickly - the last few months seem to have have flown by so it will be July/August before we know it....

                                  Post appointment, in the sunshine, with well earned cold drinks.

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